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Colonew is a unique blend of all-natural ingredients, formulated to be gentle on your body while eliminating toxic buildup in your colon. Unlike other harsh colon cleansers, you can use this product daily to maintain a healthy colon.

Colonew helps your body:

  • Restore healthy digestive balance
  • Flush harmful toxic buildup
  • Improve absorption of nutrients from food
  • Maintain natural bowel regularity

Recommended Usage: Our research has found it most effective to begin taking Colonew at least 7 to 10 days before taking any of our weight loss supplements, including the hCG Diet. Continued daily during, and after the hCG Diet may help enhance your results.

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100 % All-Natural Ingredients:

Psyllium HusksReduces appetite, improves digestion, and cleanses the system
PapayaHelps relieve constipation, nausea, and colon related illnesses
MangosteenHelps fight infection and inflamation. Helps relieve constipation and promotes normal bowel health
Bentonite ClayHelps balance bacteria in digestive tract. Cleanses liver, colon, and skin
Black Walnut Hull PowderHelps improve digestion and natural bowel regularity
Oat Bran PowderHelps maintain natural bowel regularity. Fights fatigue
Flax Seed PowderHelps prevent and reduce inflamation
Prune PowderHelps relieve constipation and maintain natural bowel regularity
Aloe Vera PowderHelps prevent and treat candida infections, and lubricates instestinal tract
L-AcidophilusHelps improve digestion, and boosts immune system
Apple Pectin PowderHelps remove toxins from colon and promotes healthy digestive tract
Gucomannan PowderPromotes bowel regularity, slows digestion of fats, helps you feel "full"

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